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Built For Scale,
Built For Cloud

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Up to 90% Reduction
in Storage Costs

We’ve Invented
Application-Centric Data Management

Third platform applications are being born in the cloud and traditional applications are moving to the cloud. These applications are deployed on private, public, and hybrid cloud(s), each of which uses unique and distinct infrastructure technologies.

The only common denominator binding all the clouds together is the ‘data’ itself. As we move to this data-centric reality customers must protect, mobilize, and monetize their data, at scale, in this multi-cloud environment.

Built For the Modern Enterprise

Scalable and reliable backup & recovery for databases and big data filesystems. Datos IO partners with leading database, public cloud, enterprise storage, virtualization, and hyper-converged (HCI) infrastructure technology vendors to provide you complete data protection and mobility delivered however and wherever you need it.

Elastic, Scale-Out Software

RecoverX is elastic, scale-out software purpose-built for multi-cloud, hyper-scale environments, delivering failure resiliency to your data protection infrastructure as well as flexible recovery point objectives (RPO) from minutes to hours.


Trust Is Earned, Not Bought

Customers who have trusted their data with RecoverX

“Datos IO is doing a lot of things that are cutting edge and they were really quick. Now with RecoverX, we are doing backups every hour but they are incremental.”
Ashley Penney
Director of Infrastructure, Maxwell Health

The Hype is Real

Gartner recognizes Datos IO for cloud data backup in two hype cycles for 2nd straight year.

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