The numbers don’t lie:

  • 70% of CIO’s have a cloud first strategy
  • Application deployments are forecast to double in the next 24 months, many of them 3rd
  • AWS revenue has grown to ~$14B in just five years
  • 3rd platform CAGR is 11.8%, meanwhile 2nd platform lags at -6.8%

What this all means is simple.

Multi-Cloud is the New Normal

To harness the power of this new reality requires a reinvention of data management, and that is what Datos IO is all about!  We have rebelled against the status quo to create a radically new cloud data management solution that helps organizations embrace the cloud with confidence by delivering solutions that protect, mobilize, and monetize their data — at scale.



Our rebel spirit is on full display today with the announcement of RecoverX 2.0, the newest version of our flagship product.  Building on our cloud-first, elastic compute heritage RecoverX 2.0 delivers amazing new capabilities including:

  • Migration of on-premise applications to and across clouds with new data mobility for relational databases – organizations that are migrating traditional applications (starting with Microsoft SQL Server) to the cloud can now intelligently and efficiently move non-recovery workloads from on-premises to the cloud, across clouds, and from the cloud back to on-premises, with storage efficiency that is 10x that of traditional block-based or variable-length deduplication techniques.
  • Cloud-native backup and recovery for traditional and next-generation applications – RecoverX 2.0 introduces data protection support for relational databases including Microsoft SQL Server hosted in private cloud or natively in public cloud environments, providing application-centric data protection regardless of deployment on physical server, virtual machine (VM), or hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI).
  • Backup and Recovery for Big Data Filesystems – RecoverX 2.0 adds data protection support for Apache Hadoop distributions including Cloudera and Hortonworks providing petabyte scale backup and recovery for HDFS-based filesystems, fast recovery at file-level granularity, and unparalleled storage efficiency with file-based global semantic deduplication.

But our rebel spirit is not just on display thru our products. Today we also launched our new website to tell our story, drive awareness, and motivate everyone to embrace the Status NO by refusing to accept the limitations of legacy data management solutions that were architected before the cloud was even invented!  On our site you’ll find lots of valuable resources to help you embrace the cloud with confidence, including:

  • The Rebel Yell – this is our blog where we share our perspective, useful insights, and thought leadership
  • Meet RecoverX – your one-stop for all the information you need about our award winning cloud data management product
  • Our Secret Sauce – get as technical as you like and understand exactly what we do and how we are unlike any other solution
  • Useful Reading & Viewing – insightful reading and viewing from Datos IO as well as other industry leaders


Inside all of us is a rebel spirit, and at DatosIO we challenge ourselves every day to #BeARebel.  You can see it in our company culture in this blog from our CEO.  You can see it in our bold vision in this blog from our CTO.  The multi-cloud world brings tremendous opportunity for everyone but only if we’re willing to challenge ourselves, embrace the future, and rebel against the compromises and limitations of traditional data management solutions.

Join Us.  #BeARebel