We couldn’t be celebrating our third anniversary in a more special way than today!  Last week, we announced a major product release, RecoverX 2.0: application-centric data management capabilities for SQL based applications in the cloud, Big Data filesystems, and significant platform enhancements to the CODRTM platform. All of this was done with a simple goal in mind: to help customers accelerate their journey to protect their applications, manage and monetize their data across hybrid-cloud or multi-cloud environments. Just like software-defined networking built a new market category by creating a rich operational platform across low-level networking switch silos, with application-centric data management we aspire to help customers manage data spread across cloud silos (on-premise, private, public) while removing all the complexity of all the traditional backup and recovery tools.  Please check out the most recent coverage of our RecoverX 2.0 news, “High-End Backup Kid”, “Big Data and Public Clouds”, “RecoverX 2.0 for Multi-Cloud”. This wouldn’t all be possible without all of the employees, so a big salute to the #datonians for giving their hardest and best: true #companybuilders.

Today’s announcement is centered around the strategic investments from NetApp and Cisco.  This investment not only corroborates the strength of our vision, our execution to date, and the seminal CODR architecture that we have defined for the multi-cloud era, but it also allows us to accelerate the adoption of Datos IO RecoverX across enterprise customers.  Datos IO has fundamentally disrupted data management with a new cloud-native control plane that is designed for the scale, elasticity, and application-centric nature of the cloud.

How do these strategic investments tailor to our vision for the future?
NetApp, Cisco and Datos IO — we all share the same vision. The value of the IT stack starts with applications, multi-cloud world is a reality for CIOs, and data management has to be fundamentally rooted in a seminal control plane architecture designed for the hybrid cloud and cloud native world.

NetApp’s vision for Data Fabric closely aligns to our customer’s expectations and Datos IO vision: “IT organizations of all sizes are pursuing emerging technologies to complement their existing IT investments. Their goal: to accelerate critical applications, gain data visibility, streamline data protection, and increase operational agility”

In the same vein, Cisco acknowledges the value of the application tier of the IT stack explaining their recent acquisition of AppDynamics, they state: “As digital experiences get simpler for consumers, they get more complex for companies trying to stay ahead of customer expectations. The rise of connected devices, distributed architectures, and multi-clouds have increased the complexity of application environments. Companies need insight into the health of every application and every transaction in order to keep up with the pace of change.”

This resonates closely to what we are experiencing with our customers. All of our customers are in the midst of the digital transformation journey as they adopt next-generation application environments — distributed, third platform with analytics and IoT, geo-replicated, and deployed across multi-cloud environments.  For these next-generation applications, just like application performance management is key to eventual success, so is scalable and reliable data and recovery management for the hybrid cloud and multi cloud world.

What does this mean for our customers and partners?
What remains as-is: we will continue to work our hardest and keep giving our best to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. That said, we will be closely collaborating with NetApp and Cisco teams in coming up with reference architectures and end-to-end solutions to help customers protect their application workloads for hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments.  The teams have already made tremendous progress: NetApp and Datos IO for third platform applications and Cisco ACI and Cisco UCS and Datos IO — both these solutions are available for customers worldwide!  Exciting new solutions are in the works, so please stay tuned for more news on this front.

Today is a BIG day: thank you!
The #datonians, Prasenjit and I want to thank NetApp and Cisco Investments for their support in our vision: protect, mobilize, and monetize data at scale.  We look to leverage their support to address the needs of customers as they embark on their digital transformation journey to the cloud.

At Datos IO we are more excited and pumped than ever before. At the same time, it is not Day 2, it is still Day 1. Thank you Mr. Bezos for keeping all of the #companybuilders grounded!