Here’s what our marketing interns had to say about their experience at Datos IO this summer!

Jeannie Liou: What interested you about Datos IO?
Shruti Juneja: Datos IO seemed really cool because it is an up-and-coming startup moving at a fast pace and making a positive impact on the industry.
Pooja Kapoor: It seemed like a fun internship that I would have a lot of impact on.  Everything  I do has a direct impact in one way or another.

JL: How did you first hear about Datos IO?
SJ: I actually had an internship lined up at another company that fell through at the last minute, but they passed on my resume to other companies looking for interns. Thankfully, it all worked out with Datos IO!

PK: I first heard about Datos IO when I was talking with my uncle about looking for a summer internship.  He told me about Datos IO and I was immediately interested in interning here.

JL: Why did you decide to take the opportunity at Datos IO?
SJ: I felt that I would be able to make meaningful contributions to the team while also learning a lot about business and technology.
PK: I decided to take the opportunity at Datos IO because I was extremely interested in working at a startup. Working at a startup meant that I would learn a great deal and I would never be bored.  These both have proven to be very true so far in my internship experience.

JL: What is it like to work in Marketing?
SJ: Everyday is always different! I enjoy collaborating with the people I work with and just learning about how everything is done. It involves a nice combination of logic and creativity.
PK: It is so much fun working in Marketing, sometimes a little crazy but so fun.  I might be biased because I am a Marketing major but in all seriousness, working in Marketing has been a great learning experience.  I have learned all that it takes just to get gain awareness of your company, especially for a startup.   

JL: How has your perspective changed (if at all) about tech and startups since you joined?
SJ: I learned that I really love the pace and culture of startups. There’s always so much that needs to get done in a short time period, and everyone puts in the necessary hard work to see it through. Furthermore, there’s really a sense of camaraderie.
PK: I have grown up with people around me working in the tech industry.  I have never been able to understand the nit and grit of the tech world but I can say for certain that after working at Datos IO I have a better understanding of the tech industry.  I still do not fully understand the intricacies of technology, but I have learned a lot.  I also have a lot of respect for startups since working for one.  The amount of work everyone puts in is incredible.  It’s always go go go! I love it.

JL: What’s it like to work together?
SJ: Even though Pooja and I don’t see each other in person everyday, it’s really nice to have another person to bounce ideas off of. I’m so glad we get to work together and collaborate to complete tasks!
PK: Unfortunately, Shruti and I are not in the same office.  I work in Minnesota and Shruti is with everyone in California.  Although we are not in the same office we work together a lot.  We email constantly and text quite a bit too.  It is fun working together, we bounce ideas off each other a lot of the time, and we provide each other with feedback. In the end we make it work and we have a lot of fun doing what we are doing.

JL: What’s your favorite part of the day?
SJ:  Everyday I come to work and find that there’s a new project that I get to work on, so it’s the anticipation of the day ahead that I enjoy most. I also enjoy mid-morning when the team has all settled in and there’s a lot of communication and dialogue between teams. And finally, the food is really good, so lunch has got to be another favorite part of the day.
PK: I am not sure I have a favorite part of the day.  When I was in the office for my first week it was definitely lunch time.  Not just because we always have amazing food brought in for lunch but also because everyone gathers in the kitchen like one big family.  It was cool to be apart of that.

JL: What has been your favorite intern event so far?
SJ: CiscoLive was great opportunity to showcase two booths at a large enterprise event and talk about our product to those who had not heard about distributed databases. It was a nice change of pace, and Pooja and I got the opportunity to meet in person and even attend the Bruno Mars Concert. Super fun!
PK: I think that my favorite event so far has been being able to attend CiscoLive! It was such an amazing opportunity to learn and connect with more people. And I got to attend the Bruno Mars concert, which was a nice cherry on top.

JL: What would you say to a future potential intern who might be interested in Datos IO?
SJ: Interning at Datos IO is a great opportunity to get your hands dirty in the real world. Because it’s a small company, everything that you do has a direct impact. It’s an awesome learning experience to gain insights about how startups work and what types of tasks everyone does.
PK: Interning at Datos IO has been such an incredible opportunity for me.  I would tell potential interns to go for it 100%.  They will learn so much in such a short time and get a real world experience. They will also see that everything they do as an intern has a direct impact on the company. Working at Datos IO is a wonderful learning experience that you could not get anywhere else.