I spent last week on the road attending Insight, NetApp’s annual user conference and OpenWorld 2017, Oracle’s annual gathering. It was interesting to experience these two very different events – NetApp customers are typically storage and infrastructure buyers while OpenWorld caters to DBA’s.  Here’s a quick summary of my key takeaways from both events:

  1. The Power of Community – NetApp Insight took place at the Mandalay Bay, a day after the tragedy. Monday activities were cancelled but the ‘show went on’ starting Tuesday with a heartfelt moment of silence during George Kurian’s keynote. The rest of the event demonstrated the core values of our great nation, the beauty of being American, and how we as a country come together.  Las Vegas was quiet with many people giving hugs, and paying respects to the fallen and injured.
  2. Prevalence of Non-Relational Workloads – At both shows, in the booth, in the sessions, and in the keynotes, it was amazing how many references were made to next-generation applications.  At Datos IO we’ve seen for years the rapid proliferation of next generation applications built upon non-relational databases, and it was great to see NetApp and Oracle responding to this reality.  It was exciting to sit in the middle of the world’s largest database vendor, ask attendees if they are doing anything with non-relational databases and realize the majority of them say yes!
  3. Lack of Alternatives – Nobody was offering backup and recovery for non-relational databases. Except Datos IO. We are truly a unique organization with visionary technology in a rapidly growing space. As more companies migrate to the cloud and build new cloud applications, Datos IO is perfectly positioned to dominate the market.
  4. The Protection Fallacy – many organizations I talked with believe because their next generation applications run ‘in the cloud’ and are built on clustered databases that replicate data across nodes, their data is protected. That’s a dangerous assumption. It’s important data protection vendors including Datos IO continue to educate customers that replication is not backup and they can’t take data protection for granted in the cloud.
  5. Don’t Be Left Unprotected  – the rapid proliferation of cloud applications leaves organizations at increasing risk of data loss.  The time is now for these organizations to make data protection a core part of their next generation application strategy. Whether in the cloud or on-premises, in database administration, the most common cause of data loss is human error.  Having an ‘insurance policy’ that properly manages and maintains the integrity of company data is of immeasurable value for that just-in-case moment.

Next up, Couchbase Connect!  Come by and see us to learn how Datos IO can help you address your data protection challenges.