Another day on the road, another event in the books. It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks including engaging with DBA’s at Oracle OpenWorld (OOW), storage and backup administrators at NetApp Insight, and now this week talking with app admins, DBA’s, and app architects at Connect | SV, Couchbase’s annual conference in San Jose.  In addition to the fun of seeing all the attendees wearing their Datos IO sponsored lanyards:


Here are my key takeaways from this week’s ’s event:

  • Companies Are Using Multiple NoSQL Databases – while this was a Couchbase event most attendees are using multiple noSQL databases including Couchbase, MongoDB, and Cassandra. This speaks to the rapid proliferation of these modern databases at small, medium, and large enterprises.
  • Educated Audience – the people with whom I met were all knowledgeable in backup and recovery.  My conversations did not revolve around ‘why backup’ but instead, the most common questions were how does it work, does it affect performance, and is all the data transferred during the backup process.  These are insightful questions asked by users who have practical experience with backup and recovery for traditional data sources (e.g. relational databases) and infrastructure (e.g. data centers) but are now faced with the same challenges with their new modern data source (e.g. non-relational databases) and infrastructure (e.g. hybrid cloud).
  • Opportunity for a New Solution – driven by the combined disruptive force of hybrid cloud and modern application deployments, it was clear that organizations do not see their legacy backup and recovery applications addressing their modern application needs. Instead, they are looking for solutions that are purpose built for these new environments – cloud first, software only, application-centric, and elastic compute are some of the keys to this new world. It’s always fun to have a solution that people need!
  • Data Protection is a Must – A common theme amongst the attendees was the recognition of the criticality of backup. With the growth of modern applications running in hybrid cloud environments, organizations are now at a greater risk then ever of data loss. Instead of waiting until it’s too late (aka after they suffer a data loss) leading organizations are proactively building data protection into their overall application development and deployment strategy.

If your organization is already using, or plans to deploy applications on modern databases including Couchbase, MongoDB, and Cassandra, you are in good company.  These modern databases continue to proliferate within organizations everywhere.  Have you joined the party yet?

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