Today, we’re excited to announce the release of Datos IO RecoverX 2.5, our 4th major release marking a significant milestone on our journey of disrupting the $10B data management software market that is rapidly moving to the cloud.  In this series of blogs we’ll discuss the fundamental changes occurring in the IT stack, the resulting disruption on traditional backup and recovery, and the role the newest version of Datos IO RecoverX plays in addressing these challenges.


Modern Applications Require Modern Data Management

There is a fundamental, once in a generation, technology shift occurring in IT.  Modern applications deployed in public cloud environments and across multiple clouds (private, hybrid) are emerging as the de facto enterprise architecture. According to IDC, deployment of these applications will double in the next 24 months!  This modern IT architecture is comprised of micro-services based applications deployed on the elastic database, elastic compute and elastic storage services of cloud native environments.  This shift, from the traditional monolithic data center centric IT stack to the modern IT stack,  is fundamentally disrupting the core tenets of data management, specifically backup and recovery, one of the most sacred pillars of IT.  But, why is this shift so disruptive?

The key to understanding the magnitude of the disruption is to first understand the fundamental differences in the architectures of traditional applications versus modern applications.  The table below provides an easy to understand explanation:


The implications for traditional backup and recovery products are profound.  They were architected for traditional IT applications deployed on traditional scale-up and static resources of compute and storage, were designed as storage and infrastructure centric (LUNs, VMs, etc.), were designed for scale-up application environments, were designed for uncompressed workloads, and designed to be operated within 4-walls of on-premises infrastructure.  With an average architecture age of 20 years, legacy backup and recovery products from vendors including Veritas, Dell EMC, and CommVault were all designed before the advent of the cloud and modern applications and, therefore, are not architected to support the new, modern IT stack.    

Enter Datos IO RecoverX!

Datos IO RecoverX – Cloud Backup and Recovery Built for the Modern IT Stack

Datos IO RecoverX provides application consistent backup and orchestrated recovery for modern applications and databases deployed across hybrid cloud environments.  Unlike traditional backup and recovery solutions, Datos IO RecoverX is an elastic cloud data management software platform, is simple to deploy, is architected to  protect and manage data at scale, requires no dedicated media server hardware, and provides 10x greater backup storage efficiency for cloud native applications and workloads.  RecoverX supports modern data sources from databases to filesystems, to cloud infrastructures of the digital enterprise, and supports enterprise use cases including backup and recovery to/from/within the cloud, test/dev in the cloud, DR to/from the cloud, and cloud instantiation – all developed for distributed, multi-cloud, scale-out modern application environments.

To accomplish this, we had to reinvent every foundational element of traditional backup and recovery, as the table below summarizes:


Our radically new approach has rapidly gained traction in leading organizations including Cisco, OpenTable, Maxwell Health, Barracuda Networks, eBay, a Fortune 100 home improvement retailer, a Fortune 100 telecommunications provider, a Fortune 50 healthcare provider, and many others.  With 90% of our customers in the Fortune 500 and 60% of customers running “in” the public cloud environments it’s clear that the mainstream enterprise shift to cloud and modern applications is accelerating at a fast pace!


Introducing RecoverX 2.5

In response to this market momentum, we’re proud to introduce RecoverX 2.5, the newest version of our flagship, award winning product.  RecoverX 2.5 builds on our unmatched technology innovation to offer enhanced value to customers, including:

  • Advanced Recovery – The amount of data that organizations need to protect is rapidly increasing but customers are constantly demanding faster RTOs to meet their business agility requirements and to address mandatory IT requirements such as those required by SOX, GLBA, HIPPA, and EU GDPR, etc.   These same organizations typically host hundreds of tables, with TB’s of data, with change rates approaching 300%, but they expect recovery times of just a few hours.  To address this new class of recovery requirements, RecoverX now delivers advanced features including query-able recovery enabling fast, sub-table level recovery, and incremental and streaming recovery both of which reduce recovery times down to minutes and minimize storage requirements for large scale restore operations.

To learn more about the technical details of our advanced recovery features, read this blog.

  • Backup Anywhere, Recover Anywhere –  Cyber-attacks,  like ransomware, present a real threat and organizations need to protect their data across any geographical boundaries.  Increasingly, customers have database tables spanning two continents, but they want their data to be backed up and restored at the granularity of a single data center location. In response, RecoverX 2.5 now delivers on this requirement with support for local backup of geo-distributed applications enabling local data center recovery for faster and more flexible RTO.

To learn more about the technical details of our backup anywhere, recovery anywhere capabilities, read this blog.

  • Enterprise Grade Security – Datos IO is experiencing massive adoption in large enterprise customers across retail, eCommerce, Financials and Healthcare organizations all of whom have significant security requirements.  In response, RecoverX 2.5 introduces support for TLS/SSL encryption, LDAP authorization and Kerberos authentication to deliver optimized security between RecoverX and data sources, and integration with enterprise security management tools.

To learn more about the technical details of our security features, read this blog.

For additional insight on all of these new features check out our new RecoverX 2.5 product page, product videos, deep dive blogs on RecoverX 2.5 capabilities, and register to watch product webinar.  You can also check out all of our customer impact studies here.  Finally, we will be loud and proud at a number of key conferences such as Gartner Data Center, AWS Re:Invent, and others where we will have live product demos and experts available to answer your questions!

If you’re ready to try Datos IO for yourself, simply register here for a free trial!  Take this Tesla Of The Backup for a hands-on test drive…on us!