It was my second consecutive week attending conferences in Las Vegas. As I reported in my most recent blog, the week before last I spent at AWS Re:Invent 2017, with 40,000+ of my closest friends!  The vibe was dynamic, the energy level was incredibly high, and the focus was, by definition, the cloud.  The event is a strong leading indicator of where the IT market is heading and has become a must-attend for any enterprise investing in the cloud, which is basically everyone.

Last week I was back in Vegas for Gartner’s 2017 IT Infrastructure, Operations Management & Data Center, also known as the Data Center Conference (GDC).  While a smaller event than AWS, Data Center is another must-attend event for enterprises to gain insight on the current state of IT and to learn about key trends and emerging technologies.

Although these events cater to different stages of organization’s digital transformation journeys, there were several common themes across both events:

  • Cloud IS happening.  With AWS reporting $18 billion revenue run rate growing 42 percent year over year, as well as GCP, Azure, and even Oracle Cloud doing well, it’s undeniable that enterprises are investing heavily in the cloud.
  • The battle ground is the enterprise.  Enterprises are moving rapidly to the cloud and the battle ground for public cloud providers is the enterprise.  AWS keynotes, sessions, and conversations at the booth focused on the need for enterprise capabilities in the cloud.  Meanwhile, at GDC the focus was on how enterprises can effectively embrace the cloud, specifically hybrid cloud.
  • Backup and recovery matters in the cloud – Whether it was customers already in the cloud (common theme @ AWS) or running primarily on premises but considering cloud (common theme @ GDC), it was clear that organizations recognize the need for enterprise backup and recovery.  Dave Russell, Vice President and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner, warned attendees at his annual state of backup session, to be ready for modern applications being born in the cloud.  He went on to recognize Datos IO as a leader in cloud backup and recovery, specifically stating “There are a few companies in this space… the predominant one is Datos IO with the RecoverX product.” This acknowledgement is great validation of our strategy but more importantly the reality of the market shift to the cloud and the need for new approaches to data protection.

As we learned at AWS many organizations have already deployed modern applications running in the cloud, while at GDC attendees are in the process, albeit more conservatively, of deploying these modern applications across hybrid cloud environments.  No matter where you are in your cloud journey, backup and recovery needs to be a key pillar of your strategy.  This is the foundation of Datos IO’s mission and we are equipped with RecoverX, the perfect solution for this rapidly emerging market!

Now I’m home for at least a few days, until the next must-attend event.