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What Others Are Saying

Fleming Shi

Vice President of Technology
Barracuda Networks

“I’m already recommending Datos IO to other vendors, and I think it will be a very important solution used by many organizations who rely on Cassandra. I think Datos IO will be huge.”

Datos IO - Barracuda

Souvik Das

Former CTO
VP of Engineering, CapitalOne Auto Finance

“We are very pleased with the early product versions of Datos IO RecoverX and it is the right product that is needed as enterprises look to adapt cloud scale environments of next-generation applications and IT infrastructure.”

Debashis Saha

Vice President, eBay Cloud Services
Datos IO Advisor

“I can see Datos IO becoming an integral part of the scale-out database revolution, making these databases dependable and durable for the enterprise.”

Datos IO - eBay

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