Leading Web Application and Network Security Company Uses Datos IO
to Reduce Application Downtime and Save on Secondary Storage Costs


Industry: Web, application and network security products and services

Location: CA

Use Case: Reduce application downtime by ~6x and save on secondary storage required for backups by 83%.

Existing method for data protection: Scripts for backup and recovery

Why Datos IO

Fast and reliable
recovery (low RTO)

Easy operational

software only

The Results

RecoverX reduces application downtime by 6x and saves secondary storage required for backups by 83%.

The Customer

Our customer is a leading enterprise security company that uses Apache Cassandra to store event-driven data (millions of events per day) and indexes: a multi-terabyte dataset. The data is critical to operate its customer-facing security solution. They keep multiple copies of this data across several data centers using Cassandra multi-DC configuration. In addition, they use a manually scripted solution to backup their data to secondary storage on a daily basis. The entire application infrastructure resides in a private data center and runs in a virtualized environment. 

The Problem

Recently, the company witnessed data corruption in their core Cassandra database cluster. The issue happened when several Cassandra database nodes went down and before they came back to a healthy state, application developers changed the “schema” of this data set. Due to native replication in Cassandra, all data replicas were also corrupted. The team resorted to their manually scripted custom-built recovery solution, but it was an extremely complex exercise to recover data. In fact, it took their operations team more than a day to recover data back to a healthy state. 

The Solution

The company contacted Datos IO to analyze its Cassandra database environment and assess the risk of data loss in future. After careful analysis, the team concluded that using an enterprise data protection solution such as RecoverX would reduce the application downtime by 6x and save the secondary storage required for backups by 83%. In addition, the team liked that RecoverX has an API based architecture so it is easy to integrate with existing management tools used by their DevOps teams.

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