Next-generation backup and recovery for Cassandra

Backup and recovery for cloud applications on Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise, cloud data protection for NoSQL databases on public cloud (AWS, GCP) or on-premise

Key Benefits


  • Application listener captures data in-flight
  • Application and cluster-consistent point-in-time backups
  • Scalable versioning supports large clusters

Recover in Minutes, not Hours

  • Single-click fully orchestrated recovery
  • Recovery to same or different size clusters
  • Reduced application downtime

Increase Ops Efficiency

  • Semantic deduplication cuts secondary storage needs
  • 70% Reduction in Storage Cost
  • Enables faster backup and recovery

The Challenge

Businesses are in the midst of a digital transformation journey. According to research from IDC, 70 percent of CIOs have a cloud-first strategy. They want to harness the power of the cloud to drive growth by delivering new customer-centric products and services, while also driving greater operational efficiency. To handle the data requirements of this new generation of high-volume, high-ingestion rate and real-time Platform 3 applications, enterprises are turning to scalable, eventually consistent databases such as Cassandra rather than traditional scale-up database and storage approaches.

However, this fundamental shift raises critical issues in the lifecycle of data management and data protection. Traditional backup and recovery products were originally designed for small-scale databases, tape-based storage media, and legacy architectures that were designed for on-premise deployments. This leaves the next-generation of distributed, reliable recovery solutions underneath modern database architectures with a critical gap.


Datos IO understands the changing nature of the data-centric infrastructure, and has developed Datos IO RecoverX, the industry-first scale-out data protection software-only product to deliver scalable and reliable backup and recovery solutions for next-generation applications built on Cassandra.



By working at the application layer, Datos IO RecoverX provides a true point-in-time backup copy of eventually-consistent distributed databases — a concept that we refer to as cluster-consistent versioning. An application listener captures it before it is distributed on the cluster, ensuring consistency.

Unlike other solutions or script-based approaches, Datos IO RecoverX can produce this cluster-consistent version without quiescing Cassandra, improving application performance and reducing downtime.

Datos IO RecoverX can scale to support very large clusters, and allows you to backup Cassandra at any interval and at any granularity. The backups are cluster- consistent and application-consistent, incremental forever, and always maintained in native formats on secondary storage.

Recover in Minutes, Not Hours

Orchestrated and reliable recovery lets you restore for operational recovery and for test/dev use cases, both on-premise and across cloud boundaries. All recovery operations result in repair-free restores, leading to reduced application downtime.

Datos IO RecoverX provides a single-click, fully orchestrated point-in-time recovery of data.Data can be recovered directly back into the production cluster (source) or to alternate (test/dev) cluster with a different topology. Because the backups are deduplicated, the recovery process only deals with logical data, making it at least 3x faster than traditional approaches, which results in significant reduction in RTO.

Increase Operational Efficiency, Reduce Costs

With RecoverX, enterprises can improve operational efficiency and reduce the costs of next-generation applications built on Cassandra.

RecoverX includes semantic de-duplication, an industry-first capability that Datos IO has developed specifically to reduce the cost of storing backups of distributed databases over their retention period. These space-efficient backups reduce the overall storage footprint by up to 10x, leading to 70% reduction in secondary storage costs.

This same, unique technology dramatically reduces the time needed to backup and restore databases. Thanks to the automated orchestration of backup and recovery in RecoverX, enterprise IT teams can operate much more efficiently and get time back to focus on other critical projects.

Datos IO For Cassandra: Compatibility Matrix