Key Benefits

Any point-in-time granular recovery

  • Application-consistent backup of non-relational databases and big data file systems
  • Single-click, fast recovery leading to reduced application downtime
  • Industry-first semantic deduplication for 90% reduction in backup storage

Cost-Efficient S3 API-Compatible Hybrid Cloud Storage

  • Standard S3 API-compatible on-premises object storage that scales seamlessly from 100TB to 100PB
  • Automated services for unstructured file backup and archive
  • Automated and policy-based tiering to public cloud

Increased Operational Efficiency and Reliability

  • Complete end-to-end validated data protection solution
  • Up to 14 nines of data durability
  • Multi-site replication for disaster recovery

Reference Architecture 

The Solution Overview: Datos IO and Igneous

Datos IO and Igneous have partnered to deliver a complete backup and recovery solution for next-generation cloud applications (analytics, IoT, SaaS, et al) deployed on non-relational databases and big data filesystems. You can now leverage application-centric data protection from Datos IO RecoverX, and cost-efficient and scalable on-premises Standard S3-API compatible object storage from Igneous to protect your next-generation applications at scale.

Fully Orchestrated and Granular Recovery

Datos IO RecoverX enables organizations to protect and mobilize their data at a table-level granularity, reduce application downtime with fully orchestrated, sub-table level recovery, save more than 90% on secondary storage costs and increase productivity of DevOps teams by mobilizing their data across cloud boundaries.

Igneous Hybrid Storage

Igneous Hybrid Storage Cloud delivers cost effective, scalable, Standard S3-API compatible backup storage for data protected by Datos IO RecoverX and backup/archive of unstructured data from multiple sources using Igneous backup and archive automation. Igneous Hybrid Storage Cloud enables customers to deploy secondary storage in a scale-out solution that can grow from 100TB to 100PB.

Key Features

  • Application-consistent backups for non-relational databases and big data files systems
  • Fully-orchestrated restores with very low RTO
  • Any point-in-time granular recovery
  • Recovery to different topology cluster for test/dev environment refresh
  • Semantic deduplication for storage efficiency
  • Integrated automated backup, archive and storage of unstructured data
  • Standard S3-API compatible storage for backups

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