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Pluggable Data Management Architecture

Using simple abstraction techniques, our pluggable architecture enables us to support all data sources.

Application-Centric & Intelligent

Application-centric data management eliminates the reliance on traditional constructs of LUN or virtual machine (VM)’s, providing complete cloud mobility and enabling intelligent data services.

Parallel Data Streaming

Parallel data streaming eliminates the inherent shortcomings of legacy media-server based architectures. Instead, Datos IO moves data directly and in parallel from the source to the destination, resulting in reduced CAPEX by avoiding media server cost, and reduced OPEX by avoiding deployment and management of media servers.

Distributed Metadata Catalog

Our Globally Distributed Metadata Catalog provides location independent, data visibility enabling backup anywhere, recover anywhere, and migrate anywhere capabilities.

Application Consistent Versioning

Application consistent backups are available in native format, enabling comprehensive data recoverability, portability, and mobility.

Enterprise Policy Management

Our enterprise policy management engine provides simple, automated, and SLA driven policies.

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