The Industry-First Cloud Scale Data Protection

Operational Recovery

Datos IO - Operational Recovery

Low RPO & RTO for
minimal application downtime

Test/Dev Refresh

Datos IO - Test-Dev Refresh

Automated refresh to
enable continuous development

Migration & Upgrades

Datos IO - Database Migration and Updgrades

Easy workload migration
and cluster upgrades

Key Benefits


For App Owners

Improve productivity through agile test and development. Use point-in-time rollback in case of data or schema corruptions for no application downtime. Fast-forward or rewind to a point-in-time within seconds.


For DBAs and DevOps

Drive easier test and development processes to migrate, upgrade, and patch existing database with minimal outages. Use simplified recovery management for cloning and test/dev.


For IT Operations

Save on hardware costs for secondary storage needs. Recover from human errors, data loss, or logical corruption. Efficiently migrate from staging to production environment.


Scale-out Software

Availability and performance
Datos IO is scale-out software that provides failure resiliency to your data protection infrastructure, as well as flexible recovery point objective (RPO) from minutes to hours.

Scalable Versioning

Protect your data at any point in time 
Datos IO allows you to backup your databases at any interval and at any granularity. The backups are incremental forever and maintained in native formats.


Reliable Recovery

Recover in minutes, not hours
Orchestrated and reliable recovery lets you restore for operational recovery and for test/dev use cases. All recovery operations result in repair-free restores, leading to reduced application downtime.  

Semantic Deduplication

Save up to 70% on recovery storage cost
Industry-first semantic deduplication disrupts the traditional notion of block-level deduplication and provides space-efficient backups for non-relational databases (NoSQL, Cloud, Graph, and others). RecoverX achieves up to 70% reduction in secondary storage costs. 


Hear from early adopters and the community

Debashis Saha

Vice President, eBay Cloud Services
Datos IO Advisor

“I can see Datos IO becoming an integral part of the scale-out database revolution, making these databases dependable and durable for the enterprise.”

Fleming Shi

Vice Vice President of Technology
Barracuda Networks

“I’m already recommending Datos IO to other vendors, and I think it will be a very important solution used by many organizations who rely on Cassandra. I think Datos IO will be huge.”

Aaron Morton

Co-Founder and Principal Consultant, TLP
Apache Cassandra Committer

“As we see Apache Cassandra adoption increase, we see more customers wanting to protect mission critical data for operational recovery and IT governance needs. Datos IO RecoverX provides the most comprehensive data protection system designed for the future of next-generation applications (SaaS, PaaS, IoT, Analytics) and NoSQL like databases”.

Empowering DevOps and Embracing Cloud

Built to empower application admins and DevOps teams, Datos IO provides the flexibility to deploy and to integrate with existing on-premise or cloud-native environments.


Flexible deployment

Deploy on a virtual machine, on a physical server, or on public compute instances (Amazon, Google, Microsoft).


Capacity based pricing

Pricing is based on protected capacity (TBs). Grow or shrink your database clusters without incurring additional licensing costs.


API based interface

API-based interface, consumer centric design, and built-in orchestration simplifies deployment, configuration, and usability.

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