Attention Cassandra and DataStax users! Are you worried about data corruption or data loss in your DataStax or Cassandra environment? Do you need enterprise-grade recovery capabilities for your next-generation and core applications? Here’s an exciting opportunity to learn about the Datos IO Versioning Platform, which is reinventing recovery for the world of scale-out databases.

Find out how database admins and DevOps can use the Datos IO industry-first capabilities to manage and recover data in Cassandra clusters.

In this webinar, Aaron Morton, a world-renowned Apache Cassandra committer, will share some leading use cases where Cassandra is being deployed today. Plus, he’ll discuss the need for enterprise-grade recovery solutions.

Rob Whitcher, Director of Sales Engineering at Datos IO, will give an overview of the Datos IO Versioning Platform, describe its industry-first features, and give a live demonstration.

Take your Cassandra environment to the next level.