By Nik Rouda, Senior Analyst,
Enterprise Strategy Group

ESG Report Published January 2016

Datos IO - ESG

The entire structured, relational, and schema-driven application stack is undergoing a disruptive change to now be real-time, high-volume and schema-less. Although the newer distributed databases have brought many advantages for application development, organizations must also ensure that the data stored on these distributed databases can be managed, protected and recovered. A point-in-time slice of the database is necessary for enterprises to protect their data stored on any distributed database, and until now, has been a manual and difficult problem to solve.

In this new ESG report, published in January 2016, the Enterprise Strategy Group will review:

  • How and why many companies are evaluating next-generation databases
  • Risks and challenges with data protection for new database platforms
  • How “versioning platforms” uniquely address the needs of application owners, database administrators, and DevOps

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