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Key Benefits


For CIO’s:

Ensure all of your business critical application data is protected at the right RPO and RTO and harness the power of the cloud with complete multi-complete data mobility.


For DBA’s and DevOps:

Reliable and scalable backup and recovery for compliance and IT governance. Simplify non-recovery use cases for test/dev, cloud on-ramping, pre-staging, and DevOps in the cloud.


For IT Operations:

Save up to 70% on backup storage costs. Protect against outages from human error, data loss, and logical corruption. Efficiently migrate from staging to production environments.

Introducing RecoverX 2.0

Customers demand a comprehensive Cloud Data Management solution. RecoverX 2.0 expands on our vision of application-centric data management with exciting new capabilities.


Backup and Recovery for Big Data Filesystems

Now you can leverage RecoverX 2.0 for data protection of Hadoop (HDFS), including Cloudera and Hortonworks.


Cloud Data Protection for Microsoft SQL Server

RecoverX 2.0 introduces support for relational databases including Microsoft SQL Server hosted in on-premise or cloud-native environments.


Multi-Cloud Data Mobility

You can now move non-recovery workloads from on-premises to the cloud, across clouds, and from the cloud back on-premises.


Enterprise Policy Management

New policy enhancements further simplify and automate data protection operations, including adding/removing tables from a backup policy and a new Backup NOW capability.


Platform Scale & Elasticity

RecoverX 2.0 now supports up to 5-node cluster configurations for large scale application environments, and elasticity based upon compute resources for simple scale-up and scale-down flexibility.

Elastic, Scale-out Software

RecoverX is elastic, scale-out software purpose-built for multi-cloud, hyper-scale environments, delivering failure resiliency to your data protection infrastructure as well as flexible recovery point objectives (RPO) from minutes to hours.

Semantic Deduplication

RecoverX leverages industry-first semantic deduplication that disrupts the traditional notion of block-level deduplication and provides space-efficient backups for third-platform applications, delivering up to 70% reduction in backup secondary storage costs.

Application-Consistent Backups

RecoverX allows you to backup your databases and applications at any interval and at any granularity. Backups are always maintained in native format providing complete multi-cloud flexibility and portability.

Automated, Orchestrated Recovery

Automated, orchestrated recovery provides one-click restore for operational recovery and non-recovery workloads including test/dev, DR, dev/ops, and others.

Enterprise Readiness

Datos IO RecoverX is feature packed for enterprise deployments either on premise or in secure cloud environments. With capabilities such as support for SSL / TLS configurations, advanced call home support, advanced monitoring capabilities, Datos IO RecoverX meet enterprise data protection requirements.

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