Key Benefits


For CIOs:

Ensure business critical application data is protected at the right RPO and RTO, and harness the power of the cloud with complete data mobility.


For DBAs and DevOps:

Scalable backup and recovery for compliance and IT governance. Automate non-recovery use cases for test/dev, cloud on-ramping, and pre-staging.


For IT Operations:

Save on backup storage costs. Protect against outages from human error, data loss, and logical corruption. Efficiently migrate from staging to production environments.

What’s New in RecoverX 2.5

We have enhanced our features to reduce recovery times (RTO’s), give tighter control of recovered data, and provide enterprise-grade security features. Check out the Datasheet. Read the blog.


Query-able Recovery

Selective recovery of specific rows and columns to restore from any backup. Read the blog.


Incremental Recovery

Recover specific data from a specific timeframe. Read the blog.


DC Aware Backup

Backup and restore from any location (for MongoDB). Read the blog


Enterprise-Grade Security

LDAP authorization, Kerberos authentication, and TLS/SSL encryption. Read the blog.

Features and Benefits

RecoverX is built to address the unique data protection requirements of DBAs and developers building applications

Semantic Deduplication

  • Backup storage generates incremental versions to parallel new updates
  • Delivers significant reduction in backup secondary storage costs

Application-Consistent Backups

  • Backup databases and applications at any interval and granularity
  • Backups are maintained in native format
  • Provide complete multi-cloud flexibility and mobility

Automated, Orchestrated Recovery

  • Single-click, automated granular restore
  • User-defined point-in-time recovery
  • Used for operational recovery and non-recovery workloads including Test/Dev/QA, DR, dev/ops, and others

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