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Elastic Data Protection Software for Backup and Recovery, and Cloud Mobility.

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Introducing RecoverX 2.0

Customers demand a comprehensive Cloud Data Management solution. RecoverX 2.0 expands on our vision of application-centric data management with exciting new capabilities.

RecoverX Features 1

Backup and Recovery for Big Data Filesystems

Now you can leverage RecoverX 2.0 for data protection of Hadoop (HDFS), including Cloudera and Hortonworks.

RecoverX Features 2-1

Cloud Data Protection for Microsoft SQL Server

RecoverX 2.0 introduces support for relational databases including Microsoft SQL Server hosted in on-premise or cloud-native environments.

RecoverX Features 3

Multi-Cloud Data Mobility

You can now move non-recovery workloads from on-premises to the cloud, across clouds, and from the cloud back on-premises.

RecoverX Features 4

Enterprise Policy Management

New policy enhancements further simplify and automate data protection operations, including adding/removing tables from a backup policy and a new Backup NOW capability.

RecoverX Features 5

Platform Scale & Elasticity

RecoverX 2.0 now supports up to 5-node cluster configurations for large scale application environments, and elasticity based upon compute resources for simple scale-up and scale-down flexibility.

Elastic, scale-out software

RecoverX is elastic, scale-out software purpose-built for multi-cloud, hyper-scale environments, delivering failure resiliency to your data protection infrastructure as well as flexible recovery point objectives (RPO) from minutes to hours.

Semantic Deduplication

RecoverX leverages industry-first semantic deduplication that disrupts the traditional notion of block-level deduplication and provides space-efficient backups for third-platform applications, delivering up to 70% reduction in backup secondary storage costs.

Application-Consistent Backups

RecoverX allows you to backup your databases and applications at any interval and at any granularity. Backups are always maintained in native format providing complete multi-cloud flexibility and portability.

Automated, Orchestrated Recovery

Automated, orchestrated recovery provides one-click restore for operational recovery and non-recovery workloads including test/dev, DR, dev/ops, and others.

Key Benefits

RecoverX Key Benefits 1

For CIO’s:

Ensure all of your business critical application data is protected at the right RPO and RTO and harness the power of the cloud with complete multi-complete data mobility.

RecoverX Key Benefits 2

For DBA’s and DevOps:

Reliable and scalable backup and recovery for compliance and IT governance. Simplify non-recovery use cases for test/dev, cloud on-ramping, pre-staging, and DevOps in the cloud.

RecoverX Key Benefits 3

For IT Operations:

Save up to 70% on backup storage costs. Protect against outages from human error, data loss, and logical corruption. Efficiently migrate from staging to production environments.