Who is Datos IO?

Datos IO is a Silicon Valley based enterprise software startup company that was founded in June 2014 with a mission to empower enterprises to transition to the new data-centric world. Datos IO develops next-generation data protection products that solve new challenges borne by the innovations in cloud and big data so that enterprises can confidently scale their applications without worrying about data loss. Datos IO enables enterprises to version, recover and manage their data at scale for next-generation applications and all distributed and cloud databases.  

Why is Datos IO needed?

To handle the data requirements of high-volume, high-ingestion rate and real-time applications, enterprises are increasingly turning to distributed and cloud databases such as Apache Cassandra, MongoDB, Amazon DynamoDB, Google BigTable, and others. However, these next-generation databases lack viable point-in-time data recovery solution: one that allows for lost data to be replayed and propagated with minimal downtime to customer-facing applications. Datos IO provides a multi-platform and scale-out data protection software to fill this critical gap for enterprise organizations.

What is Datos IO RecoverX?

Datos IO RecoverX is multi-platform, scale-out data protection software that provides scalable versioning, 1-click recovery, and industry-first semantic de-duplication. RecoverX allows organizations to protect their data at any granularity and at any point in time (flexible RPOs), reduce downtime with recovery in minutes (low RTOs) not hours, save secondary storage costs by up to 70%, and increase productivity of applications and DevOps teams.

Who needs RecoverX?

Enterprise application owners who are running business-critical applications on distributed and cloud  databases need Datos IO RecoverX to protect their high value application data, while minimizing application downtime in the event of data loss, data corruptions, disasters, and human errors.

Database administrators and DevOps who are managing next-generation databases need RecoverX to simplify operational recovery and test/dev refresh tasks, while removing the complexity of developing and managing script based solutions.

What problems does RecoverX solve?

There are three primary problems that RecoverX solves:

  • Operational recovery: Point-in-time backup and 1-click recovery to recover from operational errors and failures
  • Test/Dev refresh: Refresh test and development environments without manual and time consuming operations to enable continuous development environments
  • Migrations/Upgrades: Fast, native format recovery for simplifying workload migrations and upgrades

How does RecoverX work and where is it deployed?

RecoverX is a software-only data protection solution that can be deployed on any compute platform either on-premise (virtual machine or physical server) or natively in the cloud (e.g. Amazon EC2 instance). Once installed, users may easily create versioning policies to backup their databases at any required RPO and restore the versions to same (source) or different clusters (like or unlike topology) to meet  low RTO requirements using GUI or CLI. Datos IO RecoverX integrates and communicates with database clusters using standard APIs to track changes and transfer data directly streaming, parallel in nature to the secondary storage, which may be NFS, AWS S3 or Google Cloud Storage.

RecoverX provides flexible deployment options. It may be installed on virtual or physical servers in a datacenter on-premise or on EC2 instances in Amazon AWS or on Compute Engine in Google Cloud Platform.

How is RecoverX different from the existing data protection solutions?

Traditional data protection solutions are not suited for next-generation scale-out and eventually consistent databases. They were designed for scale-up databases, shared storage architectures, tape-based storage media, and on premise deployments. Some organizations have put together scripted snapshot based solutions but they are operationally expensive to maintain and not reliable for enterprise needs.

Datos IO RecoverX is architected from the ground-up for protecting next-generation applications that are deployed on distributed and cloud databases. RecoverX addresses unique requirements of protecting next-generation databases through its industry-first features, such as:

  • Scale-out software for operational resiliency and performance scalability
  • Scalable versioning to backup enterprise databases at any interval and at any granularity
  • Reliable recovery to meet low RTO requirements
  • Industry-first semantic deduplication to save up to 70% on secondary storage cost

What databases does RecoverX support?

RecoverX is a multi-platform, scale-out data protection solution developed to help enterprises protect next-generation databases. In the first release of RecoverX, Datos IO supports Apache Cassandra (v2.0, v2.1), DataStax DSE (v4.5, v4.6, v4.7, v4.8) and MongoDB (v3.0, v3.2).

What is versioning?

A version is a cluster-wide consistent point-in-time backup copy of a database.  It gives a durable view of a database at any given point-in-time and allows enterprises to protect their database at any granularity. RecoverX generates versions that are stored in native formats in a highly space efficient manner to help enterprises reduce secondary storage costs. Native formats enables enterprises with rich data management services such as analytics and search.

What recovery scenarios does Datos IO support?

RecoverX provides flexibility to recover data once it is versioned. Key features of recovery are:

    1. A version may be recovered directly into a running database
    2. A version may be recovered to original (source) database or to a different database that may reside on any cluster (staging, test, dev, pre-prod) with same or different topology as the source cluster
    3. Since a version is cluster-wide consistent, there is no repair needed when a version is restored. This saves significant time that is typically required for the repair processes, and hence, reduces application downtime.

How is RecoverX priced?

RecoverX is licensed based on annual subscription model. The pricing is based on tiered usage capacity that is measured in terabytes (TBs). The pricing may vary by database type. Please refer to the pricing page for more information.

What is available today?

Datos IO RecoverX is Generally Available (GA) today, and we have enterprise customers currently deploying RecoverX in their production environment. The following databases are supported:

  • Apache Cassandra (v2.0, v2.1), DataStax DSE (v4.5, v4.6, v4.7, v4.8) are supported for production deployment.
  • MongoDB (v3.0, v3.2) is supported as an Early Access Program.

Is Datos IO a partner of DataStax?

Yes, Datos IO is a certified technology partner of DataStax. Together with DataStax, Datos IO enhances operational-readiness so customers can scale their enterprise applications on Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise (DSE) software. For further details, please refer to: http://www.datastax.com/partners

How can I get started with RecoverX?

You may leverage the free trial program, which allows frictionless access to a pre-configured RecoverX environment running in a public cloud. If you have any questions regarding the product and availability, you may also contact our team  at info@datos.io for an in-depth discussion on product benefits, and how it fits in your application environment.

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