Cloud Data Backup Use Cases


Cloud-Native Backups

Backups natively 
in the cloud


Long-term Retention

Backup from on-premise 
to cloud


Data Portability

Restore backups from the cloud
back on-premise



Restore backups from one 
cloud to another cloud

The Datos IO Difference for Cloud Backup and Recovery

Software That Scales

Deployable in any cloud environment using cloud-native compute and object storage

No Media Servers

No additional compute and storage for media server to land data. No bottleneck in data path

Storage Efficiency

70-90% deduplication reduces storage cost multi-fold

Resilient to Failures

Highly-available cluster configuration immune to database and node failures

David Linthicum,
Internationally recognized

industry expert and thought leader

“Data loss is like back pain; sooner or later everyone is going experience it. It could happen on the narrow, with a few records corrupted or lost, or in the wide, meaning that entire data sets are lost or corrupted. Understanding that data loss is a forgone conclusion, the restoration of data needs to correct the data loss issue with a very low recovery time.”

Datos IO Now Available on Cloud Platform

Cloud is fast becoming a key part of enterprise strategy. If your database is in a public cloud, RecoverX cloud backup solutions enable you to protect your data natively in the cloud. And if you’re like most other enterprises and have your databases both in public cloud and on-premise data centers, RecoverX enables data portability across public cloud and on-premise. Finally, if you’re already using multiple cloud providers, RecoverX operates in a multi-cloud environment and supports data movement.

Datos IO is an official partner of Amazon

As a Standard Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN), Datos IO enables enterprises to protect their next-generation applications natively deployed on AWS cloud against data corruption, disasters and human errors.

“Although the cloud provides security and data availability, data is still vulnerable to internal user error which can result in accidental deletion” said Henry Baltazar, Research Director of Storage for 451 Research.  “Datos IO’s RecoverX software can be run on the AWS Cloud to protect application data and provide rapid recovery should data become corrupted or deleted.”

Cloud Backup and Recovery for Google Cloud Platform 

Datos IO joins Google Cloud Platform Partner Program, offering cloud-scale data protection software for web-scale applications and non-relational databases.

“The rapid, complex expansion of information processed across cloud, physical and virtual systems has created the need for workload-agnostic, flexible and customizable protection solutions. Taken in sum, Datos IO’s GCP partnership and RecoverX v1.5 product enhancements address the full spectrum of data protection needs in this new customer environment.”

– Deni Connor, founding analyst at SSG-NOW

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