See How RecoverX
for MongoDB Works


Scale-out Software

For availability and performance


Scalable Versioning

Protect your data at any point in time


Reliable Recovery

Recover in minutes, not hours


Semantic Deduplication

70% savings on secondary storage costs

Benefits of RecoverX for MongoDB Backup and Recovery


Recover in Minutes,
Not Hours


70% Savings
on Secondary Storage Costs


~5x Improvement
in DevOps Efficiency

Datos IO RecoverX: The Leading Solution for Scalable and Reliable MongoDB Backup and Recovery

Datos IO RecoverX is the industry-first scale-out data protection software-only product to deliver scalable and reliable MongoDB backup and recovery solutions. RecoverX provides scalable versioning, 1-click recovery, industry-first semantic de-duplication through a scale-out software-only platform. RecoverX allows organizations to protect their data at any granularity and at any point in time (flexible RPOs), to reduce downtime with recovery in minutes (low RTOs) not hours, to save up to 70% on secondary storage costs, and to increase productivity of applications and DevOps teams.

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MongoDB and RecoverX in Action:


How Datos IO stacks up for MongoDB backup and recovery

MongoDB Backup and Recovery Comparison

Datos IO Compatibility Specifics for MongoDB


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