Backup & Recovery

Elastic data protection software that provides application consistent backups, orchestrated and automated any point-in-time recovery, and industry-first semantic global de-duplication. Protect your data at any granularity and at any point in time (flexible RPOs), reduce downtime with recovery in minutes (low RTOs) not hours, save up to 70% on backup storage costs.


Harness the power of multi-cloud with complete data mobility to the cloud, within the cloud, and from the cloud. Intelligently move your non-recovery workloads including test/dev, analytics, and reporting data from on-premises to the cloud, across clouds, and from the cloud back on-premises, all in native format.


The cloud is the ideal repository for all secondary storage application data. Leverage intelligent, automated data mobility tools to put the right data in the right cloud at the right time.

Test / Dev

Maximize efficiency of your application development environment by driving simpler test and development processes.


Maintain compliance and meet audit requirements with comprehensive data protection and mobility.