Key Benefits

Application-Consistent Backup

  • Application-consistent point-in-time backups
  • Scale-out software to meet backup and recovery requirements (RPOs and RTOs)
  • Built for scale with large sized clusters (hundreds of nodes)

Automated and Orchestrated Recovery in Minutes

  • Single-click, fully orchestrated and granular recovery
  • Fast recovery with single-copy transfer
  • No repairs upon recovery leading to low application downtimes

Massive Operational Efficiency

  • Elastic scale-out software solution allows for failure resiliency
  • Industry-first semantic deduplication for 70%+ reduction in backup storage costs
  • Ease of deployment with API based architecture and native UI interface
  • Enterprise policy management capabilities for ease of day-to-day operations
  • Support for multiple enterprise data sources; all with a single data management platform

The Challenge

Enterprises are rapidly adopting hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures, migrating traditional workloads to the cloud and building cloud-native applications based on hyper-scale, geo-distributed architectures.

Organizations require a cloud-first backup and recovery strategy for both lift and shift applications in the cloud and cloud-native applications, but traditional backup and recovery strategies have not kept pace with this rapid change creating a critical data protection gap.

Cloud Backup and Recovery Use Cases

Customers building applications in public cloud environments or multi-cloud environments typically look for following operational recovery use cases and associated features:

  • Application consistent backup and recovery
  • Backup and recovery on-premises, including support for private cloud deployments both physical and virtual
  • Backup and recovery TO the cloud
  • Backup and recovery IN the cloud support for public cloud deployments including compute and storage services on AWS and GCP
  • Policy-based management for day to day operational tasks

The Solution: Datos IO RecoverX

Datos IO RecoverX is a scale-out, elastic software-only data management platform that delivers scalable and fully featured point-in-time backup and recovery for traditional applications and cloud-native applications. Industry-first semantic deduplication, media server free data movement architecture, orchestrated and automated recovery, API based policy management  and ease of deployment — all combined lead to 70%+ TCO savings for customers when compared with traditional products or any native tools/solutions..

Features and Benefits

RecoverX is built to address the data protection and recovery needs of cloud-based traditional and next-generation applications.

Scale Out Data Management Architecture

Datos IO RecoverX is elastic compute based data management software that seamlessly scales up and down as application requirements dictate. Unlike traditional backup solutions, RecoverX doesn’t rely on media servers that can create choke points and adds significant financial burden with additional compute and storage needs. Instead, RecoverX uses parallel streams to move data from source to destination and keeps data in native formats. Scale out architecture also allows for protection against single point of failure of your data protection and data management infrastructure.

Scalable Backups

Datos IO allows you to backup your databases at any interval and at any granularity. The backups are cluster-consistent and application-consistent, incremental forever, and always maintained in native formats on secondary storage. The true point-in-time backup copy uses cluster consistent versioning to ensure reliable backups of eventually-consistent distributed databases and next generation applications. This also allows RecoverX to run backup operations without quiescing the database.

Fully Orchestrated and Granular Recovery

Orchestrated and reliable recovery enables flexible RPO and RTO objectives both on-premises and across cloud boundaries. All recovery operations result in repair-free restores, leading to reduced application downtime. Data can be recovered directly back into the production cluster (source) or to alternate cluster (target) with a different topology. Because the backups are deduplicated, recovery process only deals with logical data, making it at least 3x faster than traditional approaches, providing significant reduction in RTO.

Any Cloud: Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, and Public Cloud

Datos IO RecoverX is a software-only product that can be deployed on a physical server, a virtual machine for private cloud deployments or any cloud-native compute instance (for example, Amazon EC2).

Policy Based Operational Management

With a powerful policy-based data protection engine, Datos IO RecoverX empowers database administrators (DBAs), DevOps and IT operations teams to schedule backup policies at any granularity that they need, make changes to existing policies such as retention time period and others, pause/resume backup operations, and remove backup policies.

Backup Storage Efficiency

Industry-first semantic deduplication surpasses traditional block-level deduplication providing space-efficient backups, achieving up to 70% reduction in secondary storage costs.

Deployment Efficiency

Simplification of deployment process and infrastructure is a key advantage of Datos IO RecoverX. Most native solutions require provisioning and configuration of several servers, databases and storage repositories. RecoverX requires only a single virtual machine or cloud compute instance for deployment.

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