Key Benefits

Any Point-in-Time Data Access

  • Archive data at any interval and at any granularity
  • Extract data at the table, row, and key value store level from any point-in-time

Maintain Native Data Formats

  • Preserves data integrity for later access
  • Accelerates compliance investigations and audit responses

Platform Independent Archive

  • Single-click fully orchestrated full or partial restore
  • Seamless archive on-premise or to the cloud

Reduce Archiving Costs

  • 70% lower storage costs for long-term data archiving
  • Faster retrieval of archived data

The Challenge

Businesses are in the midst of a digital transformation journey. According to research from IDC, 70 percent of CIOs have a cloud-first strategy with the objective of harnessing the power of the cloud to drive growth by delivering new customer-centric products and services, while also driving greater operational efficiency. As part of this journey, enterprises are now operating IT across a multi-cloud infrastructure, deploying applications on the best suited cloud whether private, public, or managed.

The cloud can be a very cost-effective platform for storing archival workloads but organizations need a secure, intelligent, and efficient way to move archival data to and from the cloud. To address the data archive requirements brought on by a new cloud-first approach to data archive is required.

The Solution: Datos IO RecoverX

Datos IO RecoverX, an industry-first distributed data management software, gives enterprises a cost-effective solution for archiving data from their high-value next-generation applications. RecoverX enables enterprises to protect, recover, and manage these hyperscale applications against data corruption, disasters, and human errors.

Features and Benefits

Datos IO RecoverX is built to address the data archiving needs of next generation scale-out applications and databases.

Any Point-in-Time Data Access

Datos IO RecoverX provides a true point-in-time archive at the application layer. This enables enterprises to quickly recover and access archived data and previous versions of data. RecoverX can also extract data at row or table level granularity, saving teams hours they would otherwise spend restoring an entire databa sets. This also enables rapid access to specific data from the archive when it’s needed.

Flexible Granular Backup

RecoverX creates application-consistent point-in-time backup copy of Apache Cassandra column families at user-specified intervals across the entire cluster without quiescing the Cassandra database. Backups can be generated as frequently as every 30 minutes and at any granularity (column family or entire keyspace), providing operational ease of use to database administrators.

Fully Orchestrated and Granular Recovery

RecoverX provides fully orchestrated recovery to a target Cassandra database at a column family level granularity. Data can be recovered directly to the same database cluster for operational recovery or recovered to a different database cluster for test/dev refresh use case.

Most importantly, since a single copy of data (after semantic dedupe) is transferred and inserted into target Cassandra database, the recovery is at least three times faster than any other recovery approach. Furthermore, there are no database repairs required after recovery, resulting in significant reduction in the application downtime.

Query-able Recovery

This industry-first feature allows maximum flexibility for recovery. Using this feature, DevOps or database administrators (DBAs) can recover exactly the columns and rows that they want to recover from a column family without recovering the entire column family and improve the RTO (speed of recovery). DevOps teams can use this feature to refresh test/dev environments with selective data that is required for testing or development purposes without over provisioning test/dev systems.

Any Cloud: Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, and Public Cloud

Datos IO RecoverX is a software-only product that can be deployed on a physical server, a virtual machine for private cloud deployments or any cloud-native compute instance (for example, Amazon EC2).

Policy Based Operational Management

With a powerful policy-based data protection engine, Datos IO RecoverX empowers database administrators (DBAs), DevOps and IT operations teams to be able to schedule backup policies at any granularity that they need, make changes to existing policies such as retention time period and others, pause/resume backup operations, and remove backup policies.

Deployment Efficiency

Simplification of deployment processes and infrastructure is a key advantage of Datos IO RecoverX. Most native solutions require provisioning and configuration of several servers, databases and storage repositories. RecoverX requires only a single virtual machine or cloud compute instance for deployment. We enable you to get up and running in less than an hour!

Database Fault Resilience

Failures are norm in any kind of distributed software, and this is also true for non-relational databases such as Apache Cassandra. Datos IO RecoverX has built significant intelligence to ensure such Apache Cassandra failures don’t have any impact on backup and recovery operations.

Native Integration with Apache Cassandra

Datos IO RecoverX operates at the cqlsh level, leverages the well-defined API’s and other metadata information needed to provide customers with fully featured backup and recovery product. Datos IO RecoverX supports latest Apache Cassandra and DataStax production releases including Apache Cassandra v3.0+ and DSE 5.0+.

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