Key Benefits

Integrate Production Data

  • Integrate production data seamlessly into test/dev workflows
  • Access and restore data anywhere, on any topology
  • Use any subset of production data

Efficient Data Management

  • Industry-first semantic deduplication
  • Reduces data footprint by 10x

Accelerate Test/Dev Projects

  • Bring data into dev environments instantly
  • Eliminate the need to build out test infrastructure each time
  • Cloud-independent

The Challenge

Businesses are in the midst of a digital transformation journey. According to research from IDC, 70 percent of CIOs have a cloud-first strategy with the objective of harnessing the power of the cloud to drive growth by delivering new customer-centric products and services, while also driving greater operational efficiency. As part of this journey, enterprises are now operating IT across a multi-cloud infrastructure, deploying applications on the best suited cloud whether private, public, or managed.

Test/Dev teams routinely need to integrate production data into dev and test workflows, particularly in agile environments where continuous integration and continuous testing are the norm. But restoring production data to a development environment can be complex, slow, and expensive. Teams often need to restore an entire multi-gigabyte database just to extract a subset of the data, then deploy it on a different topology. Mapping the data correctly and making sure confidential data is protected adds hours or days to application release cycles — or worse, leads teams to cut corners.

Existing data management solutions were designed to work with traditional applications and on-premise data, within the confines of a single datacenter. As enterprises adopt multi-cloud environments, production and test/dev workloads typically run in different clouds. Moreoever, test and dev teams may need specific data for testing specific features. Providing data at a subtable level granularity is a major challenge for operations teams.

The Solution: Datos IO RecoverX

Datos IO RecoverX industry-first cloud-scale, data-management software enables enterprises to protect, mobilize and manage their traditional and next-generation applications in a multi-cloud environment. RecoverX enables cross-cloud mobility at a sub-table level granularity, so that operations teams can meet the needs of test teams and developers much more efficiently.

Features and Benefits

Datos IO RecoveryX is built to address the data access needs of today´s enterprise development, test and QA teams.

Integrate Production Data

RecoverX enables development teams to integrate production data seamlessly into any dev and test workflows. Because RecoverX works at the application level rather than the infrastructure level, teams can access and restore data anywhere, on any topology, and use use any subset of production data.

Industry-First Semantic Deduplication

RecoverX leverages industry-first semantic deduplication that makes RecoverX 10x more efficient at storing data than traditional backup and archiving solutions. This enables RecoverX to move data more efficiently between production and test/dev environments.

Granular Data Access

With query-based restore capabilities, RecoverX enables development and test teams to bring in only the data they need. It lets teams access bite-size chunks of data anywhere, and move them to any cloud or datacenter, even on different topologies. It also provides the ability to select specific rows from a table and move them to the appropriate environment.

Accelerate Test/Dev Team Projects

RecoverX can bring data from production into test/ dev environments instantly. Fast access to data saves engineers, developers and QA teams hours they would otherwise spend extracting data from production systems or restoring data from monolithic backups. RecoverX eliminates the need to repeatedly create.

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