George Crump of Storage Swiss recently published a positive review of our recently announced RecoverX 2.5 release.

He highlighted the challenges of protecting applications running on clustered, “eventually consistent” databases like MongoDB and Cassandra. Because no one node always has the latest copy of data the only native way to capture a consistent point in time copy of all the data is to stop all writes to the cluster.  This is an impractical alternative for “always on,” often highly transactional applications built on these modern clustered databases.

George recognized, in his review, that Datos IO RecoverX is specifically designed to enable data protection for next generation applications powered by clustered, eventually consistent databases. Datos’ CODR technology utilizes application listeners on the distributed nodes to enable application awareness of the semantic changes to protected databases. As a result, backups are point in time consistent and thus restores are consistent, free of referential integrity issues. This eliminates the need for time consuming, performance limiting database repair after restore. This semantic awareness also results in semantic deduplication which delivers 10x efficiency in data movement for backup and restore compared to traditional block based deduplication methods.

RecoverX 2.5 added queryable restore to reduce recovery time and recovery space requirements by enabling restore of only specific data columns and row. RecoverX 2.5 also added capability to “backup anywhere and to recover anywhere” of Geo Distributed database clusters. RecoverX 2.5 also includes enterprise grade encryption, authorization and authentication support with TLS/SSL encryption, LDAP authorization and Kerberos Authentication.

George sums it all up by pointing out that only Datos IO is addressing this data management need for the modern IT stack distributed across nodes and sites. He points that for companies deploying modern applications not only does Datos IO RecoverX merit strong consideration but in fact there is no other complete solution.

Next-generation workloads need next-generation backup and recovery. Datos IO RecoverX delivers on that requirement!

Our application-centric approach provides customers with dramatic backup storage efficiency, provides fully automated backup and recovery at a granular level, and enables customers to move their applications back and forth between public clouds or across cloud environments. Customers who have standardized on on-premises , VMware-based environments, Hybrid Cloud environments or Public Clouds, can now deploy their modern applications with confidence knowing their data is protected across all cloud boundaries.

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