Key Benefits

Application-Centric Backup

  • Full-featured policy management engine
  • Fast, consistent backups for large scale database clusters (hundreds of nodes and hundreds of TBs)

Recover in Minutes, not Hours

  • Single-click, fully orchestrated recovery
  • Any point in time recovery up to the last few seconds
  • Flexible recovery to the same or different topology non-relational database clusters
  • Turbo fast recovery times leading to reduced application downtime

Increase Ops Efficiency

  • Leverage backup copies for use-cases such as migrations, test/dev and database cloning
  • Significantly lower TCO with no requirement for media servers
  • 70% reduction in backup storage costs

The Challenge

To harness the power of the cloud and to drive growth, organizations are increasingly turning to cloud databases including MongoDB and Cassandra to build next generation customer-centric applications.

This fundamental shift raises critical issues in the lifecycle of data management and data protection for non-relational databases.

Data Protection Use Cases

  • Backup and Recovery
  • Non-operational recovery use cases such as migrations and test/dev
  • Support for private cloud deployment with applicability in VMWare environments and NFS storage
  • Support for public cloud deployment with applicability in cloud-native compute and storage services on AWS and GCP

The Solution: RecoverX

Datos IO RecoverX is a scale-out, elastic software-only data protection product that delivers scalable and fully featured point-in-time backup and automated recovery for next-generation applications built on non-relational databases. Datos IO RecoverX software and ease of deployment leads to 70%+ TCO savings for customers when compared with native solutions or any other tools.

Features and Benefits

Datos IO RecoverX is built to address the unique data protection requirements of database administrators (DBAs) and application developers building applications on non-relational databases.

Scale-Out Backup and Recovery Architecture

Datos IO RecoverX is founded upon Consistent Orchestrated Distributed Recovery (CODRtm), cloud-first, scale-out data management architecture. CODRtm uses elastic compute services that can be autoscaled with application load and removes any dependency on media servers for data movement from database clusters to backup storage.

Continuous Backup

RecoverX creates application-consistent point-in-time backup copies of non-relational database collections at user-specified intervals across all shards without quiescing the non-relational database.

Fully Orchestrated and Granular Recovery

Datos IO RecoverX provides fully orchestrated, any point-in-time (APIT) recovery for all combinations of recovery. Non-relational database collections can be recovered directly to the same database for operational recovery and/or recovered to a different database instance for test/dev refresh use cases.

Any Cloud: Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, and Public Cloud

Datos IO RecoverX is a software-only product that can be deployed on a physical server, a virtual machine for private cloud deployments or any cloud-native compute instance (for example, Amazon EC2).

Policy Based Operational Management

With a powerful policy-based data protection engine, Datos IO RecoverX empowers database administrators (DBAs), DevOps and IT operations teams to be able to schedule backup policies at any granularity that they need, make changes to existing policies such as retention time period and others, pause/resume backup operations, and remove backup policies.

Native Integration with Non-relational Databases

Datos IO RecoverX integrates natively with non-relational databases and leverages the well-defined standard API’s and other metadata information needed to provide customers with fully featured backup and recovery product.

Deployment Efficiency

Simplification of deployment processes and infrastructure is a key advantage of Datos IO RecoverX. Most native solutions require provisioning and configuration of several servers, databases and storage repositories. RecoverX requires only a single virtual machine or cloud compute instance for deployment. We enable you to get up and running in less than an hour!

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